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The Gun Transcends Politics

Mr Colion Noir himself. Urban gun enthusiast -Photo Credit
Mr Colion Noir himself. Urban gun enthusiast –Photo Credit

One of my favorite commentators on Youtube is Mr. Colion Noir. Most of his stuff rings true with me. I’m also extremely jealous of the weapons he gets to shoot. I was excited when he became a commentator for NRA news. The first video of his that I watched was this one. I remember thinking, “wow this guy has his shit together.” He has a litany of videos dispelling gun myths and hysteria in a way that is both objective and non partisan. He’s also apparently got a ton of hats. Seriously dude who are you a fan of? I count at least seven different baseball team hats. You can’t like both the Red Sox and the Yankees. Anyways, for me his latest video hit the closest to home:

I have one issue with the video in that I don’t really think people are pro-gun. I’m actually quite anti-gun. I mean, I wish they didn’t have to exist. I’m pro self defense. I’m pro liberty. I’m pro freedom. It just so happens that the gun is the tool that protects. The tool that defeats tyranny and ensures freedom. I don’t think that people are against those things; we just have different ideas on how to accomplish it.

It always disturbs me when people try to put me in a box because of my defense of the Second Amendment. I’ve said before that I’m fairly moderate and not religious. However, when I rebuff people’s arguments for gun control all of a sudden I’m a privileged, racist white male. I’m a religious right wing fanatic. Oh, you didn’t think that when when I was arguing on your side in support of gay marriage. Now I’ve come out against the gun control statists and I’m ┬ábad guy. I get it. The strawman argument.

I hate being placed in a political box. I don’t think either side has it entirely right. I think both sides happen to get a couple of things right and a lot of things wrong. I’m all for freedom. As one of my friends on the radio always says, “I don’t care if you think you’re a liberal. I don’t care if you think you’re a conservative. All I care about is that you think.” Think for yourselves people. Don’t let any ultra-anything tell you how you should believe. Get out. Do the research. Especially if someone is advocating for the loss of rights for a hundred million people.