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Where’s all the Ammo? Look in the Mirror…

It’s been all over the gun websites lately, “US Postal Service is hoarding all the ammo!” I have been sent emails with links to the Newsmax story about it with notes like, “can you believe this?” Quite frankly, what I can’t believe is how little ammunition the government is buying. If you do the math on the quantities of ammunition purchased it generally works out to a little under 1,000 rounds per officer per year. That’s a fun weekend for me.

A beautiful pile of ammo... -Photo Credit
A beautiful pile of ammo… –Photo Credit

The Postal Service came out today stating that it is not hoarding ammo. Believe what you want to, but they do have an inspection service that carries weapons and thus requires training. What really concerns me is how little training these professional agencies are performing. According to the Newsmax article, the Department of Agriculture recently purchased 320,000 rounds. Seems like a lot right? However, if they have more than 320 officers that require training I’m a little concerned that they didn’t order enough. I know it’s not what you want to hear. A government conspiracy to hoard all of the ammo and thus creating “back door gun control” is a lot sexier.

So who’s to blame? Well if you’re like me and you currently have more ammo now than before Sandy Hook you’re to blame. You’re the one that’s hoarding. I know I’m to blame. My stocks have gone up as I vow to never be caught with my pants down again. It’s a shame but it’s true. If you couple this with the fact that there are some 15 million new gun owners, all of which want to go shooting, it’s easy to see where all the ammo is going. So I’m going to stop hoarding ammo. I hope that you will too. I look forward to the day when we can go buy a brick of 22LR right before going shooting instead of scouring the internet for it and paying outlandish prices.