Women and Guns-Rising Ownership

I read an article recently that states that firearm ownership among women is up. Way up. Good. I am of the opinion that women need them more than men. In a world without firearms, might makes right. However, in a world with firearms, the disparity of force is equalized. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go anywhere I can without one, but I feel like it’s far more important for my wife to carry one than me. Statistically, she’s far more likely to get attacked. Criminals prey on people they perceive as weaker. They always have and they always will. It is this demographic that gets hurt the most by gun control.

Maybe we would have less crime if we had more little old ladies like this! - Photo Credit
Maybe we would have less crime if we had more little old ladies like this! – Photo Credit

It’s unfortunate that more women don’t consider firearm training. It’s really the only thing that can tip the scales in a woman’s favor. I’m not a huge guy, but in a fight with a woman I’m going to get the best a majority of the time simply because of the strength advantage. Martial arts training can come into play, but even then strength can overcome. So why don’t more women train and carry firearms? To me, there’s nothing more empowering for women. I think if more feminists  realized this there wouldn’t be such a stigma.

This should be the last thing every rapist sees - Photo Credit
This should be the last thing every rapist sees – Photo Credit

My guess is that the issue with firearms and women is maternal instincts. Psychology today has some ideas. I imagine being the sex that brings life into this world that it would be tough to consider taking one out of it. When we first started to explore firearm training with my wife, naturally, she was uncomfortable with the thought of taking a life. She had a revolver and our work around was to put snake shot in the first chamber. Her logic was that she would have no problem pulling the trigger with the snake shot to scare and wound. If after that her attacker was still threatening she would know that it was indeed a real threat and would have no problem thereafter.

I know this wasn’t the best scenario, but for me it was better than nothing. After some serious training this is no longer a practice of hers, but it was a way to ease her into the thought of possibly having to take another life in defense of her’s or our child’s, or for that matter mine. I think more women are starting to see how it’s up to them to defend themselves. Some may choose martial arts. Some may choose spray other non lethal methods. However, many are choosing the gun. We need less victims in this world.

Do you have any idea why less women chose armed self defense then men? Let me know your ideas. Send me an email or comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Women and Guns-Rising Ownership”

  1. Great staff! Here is my two-cents in this topic.
    There are several reason why less women choose fire arms as self-defense tool. One is because any women that have children is afraid of an accident to happen. Another one is, old school, too many women – especially immigrants – are not making independent decisions regards to many family and self-defense choices. We as society have more to grow in this area. And finally, what I can think of is – many women learned to depend on someone else – learned helplessness in psychological terms – and would not even be able to comprehend the idea of self-defense of any form.

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