Springfield XDs 45 Post Recall

I’ve had my Springfield XDs for a while now. I purchased it before the recall and dealt with that fiasco. When I purchased it, it was perfect. I was in love with the .45ACP having been a slow fire 1911 competitor for a while. I was of the mindset that bigger was better. I wanted to carry the biggest caliber possible regardless of capacity. I have since changed my views and now regard capacity as more valuable. For tips on picking a carry gun see my blog here.

My XDs45
My XDs45

Like I said when I purchased the XDs it was perfect. It is small, lightweight and a 45. It conceals easily and was a pleasure to shoot for such a small handgun. The trigger was awesome. Was… Apparently part of the recall process involves some trigger work. It was great before, it’s ok now. What seemed like a match trigger before that resulted in nice tight groups is now very much a combat trigger. It now breaks at just under 8lbs, high end of Springfield’s specifications, which means they won’t fix it.

New roll pin in the palm safety post recall.
New roll pin in the palm safety post recall.

The problem is not that it’s bad. I mean, it is a defensive handgun after all. The problem is that I owned it before the recall. If I were to purchase it now I probably wouldn’t know the difference. But I do know the difference. Since my paradigm of a carry handgun has changed since I purchased it, I’m probably going to sell it. I hear that 4″ 9mm one calling my name. However after reading this review by GunNoob on the FNS 9mm I might be changing my whole setup altogether. Stay tuned…


8 thoughts on “Springfield XDs 45 Post Recall”

  1. From my understanding, the XDM series had no issues but are larger frames. Eight ponds, is a heavy trigger for combat, when adrenaline is pumping. Five pound break, is nicer, and maybe a gunsmith could get it down. The two-piece triggers on any pistol, I never cared for, but I like the 1911, or, a revolver (S&W Model-10) that I carried for years and was perfect. Only the hits count.


    1. Yes I have and XDm as well and there are no issues with it. Th eproblem is that I don’t feel like I should have to pay a gunsmith to improve the trigger. With modern engineering and machining there’s just no excuse. There’s also legal implications of modifying a trigger. Before I sent it in it was just over 5lbs. I’m a 1911 guy too but never for defensive purposes.


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    1. I am going to try and play around with the templates in the near future. I’m not really sure what works with the blackberry. This template looks pretty good on my iphone which is the only thing I have to test it with.


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