Alien Gear Holsters Review

I recently purchased an Alien Gear Holster for my Glock 19. I was in the market for a hybrid holster (made of leather and plastic). I noticed their advertisement in an issue of American Rifleman. Mostly what I noticed was the price. It was half the price of other name brand hybrid holsters. There had to be a catch so I checked out their website. The boast all of the features I like about my other hybrid¬†holsters but also adjustable retention, sweat proof leather and thicker plastic. It also comes with a “combat cut” which you have to pay extra for on other holsters. You can watch a good video of a comparison between the Alien Gear and the more expensive Crossbreed holsters here. They also have a cool feature that if you decide to change your carry weapon you can send in the shell and they will send you a new one for free. Since they have a 30 day money back guarantee so I decided to give them a try.

Alien Gear hybrid holster with Glock 19
Alien Gear hybrid holster with my Glock 19

My order was shipped quickly and arrived just a couple of days later. This was a welcome when compared to my last wait time from Crossbreed (3 months). The holster came simply packaged in a bag with an instruction sheet, a copy of their guarantee and a spare bag of parts which was a nice touch. First impressions were great. The leather was every bit as nice as they said it was. It has their logo in silver emblazoned on it. The plastic shell isn’t a molded thermoplastic like most hybrids but is an injected molded plastic. I can’t decide if it’s better or worse. I imagine this is how they are able to keep costs down since injected molded is cheaper and faster to produce. It also makes it look a little cheaper. Since I work with kydex, I have an affinity for the texture of it and a nicely finished edge. The edges on the Alien Gear leave a little to be desired.

Edge finish on the plastic for the Alien Gear. Looks a little rough.
Edge finish on the plastic for the Alien Gear. Looks a little rough.

Retention on the holster out of the box was perfect. The retention is able to be changed by tightening the screws around the shell and crushing the rubber grommets in between but this was unneeded. It fits my Glock nicely and the sweat shield comes up to where it’s supposed to. The leather was pretty stiff but wore in nicely in about two weeks. One gripe that I have with the Alien Gear is that the post screws for the adjustable cant are preinstalled. Since I figured that the best position for me was in the middle on both sides the bottom posts stick out and eventually wore some holes in my pants. I no longer wear this holster because I have gone to an appendix carry but if I were to I would have to take out those posts.

Sight clearance for the Alien Gear holster with Glock 19
Sight clearance for the Alien Gear holster with Glock 19. Maybe I should have cleaned the lint off of it first…

My last two gripes have to do with the ability to customize. The holster works great for someone with a primarily stock firearm. However if someone were to use silencer height sights I don’t think this holster would work. The channel at the top isn’t deep enough. Secondly the shell comes up too high on the side to be able to use a red dot type sight. Since most people would not have these modifications done (I don’t) I don’t blame Alien Gear for not incorporating it. It would be a small change to make to the mold however.

In all this is a great holster at a great price. It has a ton of features that more expensive holsters do not. With that one small modification I would have no problems using it for an every day carry situation. Do you carry one of these? Let me know how you like it!


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