Primary Arms 1-6X ACSS 7.62X39/300AAC Scope Review Part One

This is my first product review so bear with me. This review is going to be an initial unboxing review a full range report will come later. I had been drooling over the ACSS for some time. It essentially had everything I wanted in a scope for my 300 Blackout. I wanted a 1-4 or 1-6 power illuminated scope that had bullet drop compensating and range estimating. Oh yeah, I didn’t want to pay a lot for it either. That narrows the field down quite a bit. Essentially narrowed it to the Primary Arms. The only problem? It was never in stock.

It was an exciting day I got the email that the Primary Arms 1-6X ACSS 300AAC scope was in stock. I had been waiting for a while. Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Primary Arms. I have several of their scopes, red dots and flashlights. I hate paying big money for scopes. It’s funny because dropping cash on a firearm is no big deal to me but when it comes time to put a scope on it my wallet gets a little tight. That’s where Primary Arms comes in.

ACSS 300AAC box and scope mounted in a basic Primary Arms mount.
ACSS 300AAC box and scope mounted in a basic Primary Arms mount.

So I placed the order on a monday morning. I got an email that afternoon saying that it had shipped. Not that a ticket was created like some companies. It was on it’s way. I couldn’t believe it. Two days later it arrived. My first impressions? This thing is nice. It’s also a lot smaller than I had thought it was going to be. I have the 1-4 illuminated scope and the ACSS is tiny by comparison. Usually when scopes have higher magnification they get bigger, not the other way around. It also feels like it weighs half as much.

Primary Arms 1-4X on top 1-6X ACSS on bottom
Primary Arms 1-4X on top 1-6X ACSS on bottom both mounted in basic Primary Arms mounts

Something that jumps out at me right off the bat; the illumination turret, while a little tight, is awesome. The scope has six illumination settings. Level one would be great for low light or dusk. Level three is bright enough to make out during full light. Level six is just plain bright. The best part about the turret? It has off settings between every level of brightness. The 1-4X scope has 11 settings but if I’m at level five I have to turn it all the way to zero. On the 1-6X all I have to do is switch it one. It’s a nice touch.

The Pros:

ACSS mounted on my 300 Blackout
ACSS mounted on my 300 Blackout

The scope is exactly what I have come to expect from Primary Arms. Fit and finish are excellent. The glass is clear. The turrets have positive tactile and audible clicks when adjusting. Eye relief is right in the sweet spot. The best part about the ACSS is of course the reticle. At six power it lets me range and bullet drop compensate all in one. It even has wind and lead adjustments. Some extra benefits are the fact that it’s so small, especially for a 1-6X, and the off stops in the illumination turret.

The Cons:

ACSS Reticle
ACSS Reticle-Photo Credit

Of course there has to be some things lacking with a $250 scope. However, with this scope they are probably more like gripes until I get it out onto the range. I would have preferred that it be first focal plane so that the compensation and ranging worked at any magnification. Second, the 1X is not a true one power. There is a little parallax but thanks to the brightness of the reticle I feel like this isn’t going to be an issue shooting both eyes open. I would also prefer that the adjustments be 1/4 MOA instead of 1/2 MOA but I’m sure 1/2 will be fine. Lastly the reticle seems a bit small. What I mean is that when looking through the scope, there’s so much empty space and that sweet reticle looks like a tiny dot in the middle. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing yet. I’ll have to get it out and shoot it to see.

Overall I’m really happy with the scope. I usually hate reading reviews on Primary Arm’s products because the author usually ends up with some comparison to a high end optic and them saying that they would never put it on a serious weapon. I’m here to tell you I’ve beat the snot out of my micro dot and it has help up just as well as my other high end optics. Primary Arms offers a lot of scope for the money. If you’re in the market I would highly recommend them.

Check back in a while for part two and the range report.


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