Gun Control-Do it for the children

I hear it all the time. Gun control. If it can save the life of one child we should do it. I’m going to ignore the basic repugnance of trampling the rights of millions of Americans “in order to save the life of one child” and take people that say this as if they truly mean it. Let’s talk about saving children’s lives.

If you’ve ever said this in reference to the Second Amendment and meant it or done something about it, your life must be exhausting. I mean if you’re advocating for the loss of rights for millions in order to save the life of a child due to firearms you must spend at least that much time on other causes of deaths for children that are greater right? All those moms demanding action for gun control couldn’t just be against guns right? They’re really in it to save the children, right?

Mom's Demand Action Poster Redone-Photo Credit
Mom’s Demand Action Poster Redone-Photo Credit

I’m going to ignore all of the “natural” causes of death like SIDS (2,063) or Malignant Neoplasms (1,262). In 2010 there were 369 child deaths ages 1-14 due to firearms according to the CDC. There were 3,037 accidental deaths. Even if you assume that all 369 firearm deaths were included in this, there are still 2,299 other preventable child deaths. 390 children ages 1-14 died of drowning in 2010.

Where are all the moms that demand water safety in america? Where are the mayors against illegal swimming pools? Where are the lawsuits against swimming pool manufacturers? When is the president going to speak out against drowning deaths? When is Congress going to pass legislation outlawing swimming?

This isn’t about “saving one child’s life.” If you’re not out there championing against swimming pools and you’ve used the phrase “if it saves just one child’s life” you’re a hypocrite of the worst kind. Children are being used as pawns, the great red herring in an effort to trample your rights. Come out and say it. Don’t hide behind them with your emotional pleas. Tell us what you really want. At least then I can respect you. At a minimum let’s have an honest conversation. Fell free to leave a comment if you want to have one.


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