Gun violence or just plain violence?

I decided to write this blog last minute and post it in leu of a gun review that I was going to do. So I apologize if it is hastily written. Today I want to address violence.

Last night the New Jersey Senate President held a twitter townhall meeting. All you had to do in order to ask him a question was use the hashtag #AskSenPres. Since NJ is considering legislation to lower their magazine limit to 10 rounds there was a flurry of questions from Second Amendment supporters about the proposed ban. He didn’t handle it well.

Instead of actually using the forum for an honest conversation he tried to ignore the pleas to talk about the issue. After that didn’t work he turned to mocking his constituents while putting his foot in his mouth. Which, quite frankly, is typical of anti-gun politicians since they don’t really know the constitution, the laws or the subject matter. During the course of the “conversation” he let out this little gem:

New Jersey Senate President idiotic comment on gun violence
New Jersey Senate President idiotic comment on gun violence

Statements like this show that gun control advocates don’t want to talk. They want to make outlandish statements to try and demean the conversation. Earlier in the “conversation” he made another outlandish claim about the right to bear arms and H-bombs (nuclear weapons for those of you under 60). It’s impossible to have intellectual discussions with people like.

It takes a special type of person to not be able to separate the tool from the action. (Like someone that has two full time conflict of interest jobs but doesn’t care) I mean, when somebody beats somebody to death with a baseball bat we don’t call it baseball bat violence do we? Isn’t it all just violence? It’s a mind game to try and link an inanimate object with something bad in order to strike fear. It’s fear mongering at its finest and we don’t even notice it anymore. It’s a game to try and convince you that the gun is the problem. Some would say it’s just bad grammar since guns can’t actually be violent.

Gun Violence - Photo Credit
Gun Violence – Photo Credit

As I am writing this, I am reading reports coming out of China that 10 men went on a stabbing spree killing 29 people and injuring 130 more. You read that right, a stabbing spree. No guns. No big scary “assault weapons.” In a country where citizens are not allowed to own firearms, violence in epic proportions still exists. Shocker. Guess what the people in the train station that were being attacked did? They called people with guns. The police that always show up after the fact.

The true dichotomy of this issue happened the day of the Sandy Hook massacre. The same day that Adam Lanza walked into that gun free zone, a man in China stabbed 23 children in an elementary school. Two different people, two different weapons. Near same results. What did these situations have in common? Two mentally unstable people and a school full of children without someone who could defend them with an appropriate level of force. How many lives could have been saved if we decided we wanted to protect our children as much as our money or postal workers and had provided armed guards?

It’s time to address the violence. Why it happens. It’s not a hunk of metal and plastic that causes violence. There are an estimated 85 million gun owners in this country, the overwhelming vast majority of which have never and will never harm anyone. If you disagree with me let’s have a real conversation.


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