Rights and Responsibilities

I’m different than most people in that I don’t really see firearms as a right. To me they’re a responsibility. Firearms owners in this country have, in my opinion, become lax in the responsibility that comes with the right. Sure you have the freedom of speech, but you have the responsibility to not shout “bomb” in a crowded place if it’s not warranted. Likewise with firearms, you have the right to own them, but you have a responsibility to ensure they are not used in an unsafe manner.

This is especially important with children in the house. There are too many school and accidental shootings that take place because a child was allowed access to a firearm when they shouldn’t have been able to. The recent shooting at Sparks Middle School of a colleague of mine is a prime example. The parents of the shooter have yet to be charged with a crime but in my opinion they were accomplices. I don’t get people that are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a firearm but are unwilling to spend an extra $10 on a lock to keep it safe. There’s just no excuse.

In our home we have three different vaults that we use. I have a large standup safe that I keep most of my long guns and ammo in. I got it on sale for about $450 and it holds 24 long guns. I don’t own 24 but it’s nice to know that it can grow with my collection and for $450 it’s less than some of the firearms I own. It’s a small price to pay for responsibility.

The other to vaults that we own are known as speed vaults. One sits on my nightstand and contains my home defense pistol. It has a five-digit combination and a spring loaded door. It literally takes less than a second to open. People tell me all the time that they don’t want to put their weapons in safes “just in case I need it in a hurry.” Well, this solves that problem. It’s faster than hiding it in the closet or throwing it in the drawer and is infinitely safer. They cost anywhere from $50-$200.

I’ll never understand the mindset of exercising a right but neglecting the responsibility that comes with it. So many deaths are avoidable if gun owners were simply more responsible. It’s time to stop giving the anti-gun crusade so much ammunition (pun intended). If you own a firearm and do not own a safe, go get one. If you know someone in this situation, educate them. In order to protect your right you’re going to have to start accepting the responsibility.


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