That old feeling…

I didn’t grow up in a household with firearms. My father had one .22 (the smallest weakest caliber) rifle that I currently own today. We never shot it though. The only real exposure I had to firearms growing up was in the cub scouts. There was one time that I went to the range in my early years. I remember being called a “crack shot.” The range master was truly impressed. I could hit almost anything I aimed at. I can remember that feeling to this day, the pride and the accomplishment. For a kid that was much taller and more awkward than his peers, it felt really good to finally be good at something.

So why, having grown up in a household virtually void of firearms, am I writing a blog on the subject? There has to be more people like me. More people that grew up in families where guns weren’t really present, or even downright hated. I would like to give some perspective from someone that grew up in that environment and has since changed his views. What I do have is a unique perspective of a husband and a father that struggles everyday with questions on how best to keep his family safe.

My first firearm purchase was when I was 18. I bought another .22 rifle that I also have today. To me, it was a symbol, a right of passage if you will. Although I grew up without much experience, the responsibility that came with firearm ownership was not lost on me. The first time I took it to the range I got that old feeling all over again. It was awesome. My favorite pastime is to take new people shooting and live vicariously through them as they have their own unique firearms experience.

At the age of 20 I shot my first handgun and purchased one shortly thereafter. I can remember that feeling to this day as well. There wasn’t the giddy elation that came like when shooting the little .22. It was more of a solemn understanding that washed over me. I understood why this was so important. The sheer power that I held in my hand was incredible. All I could think about was my wife being able to protect herself from somebody bigger and stronger. The ability to close that disparity of power is an incredible tool. To me, that is what firearms are for. I’m not a religious man, but one of my favorite sayings to this day is, “God made all men, but Samuel Colt made them equal.”

Over the course of this blog I plan on discussing several issues. First and foremost is the responsibility of firearm ownership, especially when children are present. Secondly, I will discuss second amendment issues and my take on the subject. Lastly, I would like to do some reviews of gear that I find useful. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out but I am excited.


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